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Please listen to the summary in the first testimonial; it is one of our most complete achievements!


Lok Satta firmly believes that good education is the first step towards a better society and mature democracy. We are constantly working towards the goal of ensuring good quality education to all the residents of Kukatpally. To achieve this, a dedicated team has been formed to improve the Zilla Parishad and Govt Schools in terms of the following three quality metrics:


Improved Infrastructure


  • 50 class rooms are constructed in all schools and 25 are in progress

  • 74 toilets constructed for various schools and funds for remaining schools are also sanctioned, working towards building basic amenities for all schools

  • Land is allotted for Babbuguda school and 6 class rooms are sanctioned. Work is in progress

  • Land allotment for Janathanagar & Moosapet School and funds are sanctioned (GHMC handover to education department pending)

  • Due to land issue, 17 schools are running in Community Halls even though funds are sanctioned. LSP is working on this issue

  • Software company constructed the school in Rajiv Gandhi Nagar by the efforts of LSP team

  • Proposals pending for midday meal and we are working on it


Improved Staff Availability


  • Temporary staff recruited to ensure staff are available at all times for the students

  • All vacant staff posts have been filled. Lok Satta ensured that all the schools have all subject teachers

  • Lok Satta helped many degree students by sponsoring salary to lectures in two subjects


Improved Quality of Education


  • LSP, as part of Akshara Kranthi with 3 lakhs funds is organizing evening tuition for 10th class students in several schools and this increased the pass percentage to 82%

  • Providing free health check ups

  • Identifying drop outs and negotiating with them and their parents to make them rejoin the schools


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