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1. Has JP made any difference to Kukatpally?

Yes, JP made a noticeable difference to Kukatpally and a lot of developmental efforts are in progress. They range from water pipe development, laying of new roads, installation of new electric lines to the construction of new community halls. For more details, read the summary here. You can also go through the testimonial videosof Kukatpally residents talking about the work of JP and team. Please do take some time and go through the main menu tabs above. One thing we can assure you - everything that is done by JP and team is done with zero corruption. We also sincerely believe that our work in Kukatpally is substantially more than what any other MLA is doing anywhere.


  • Focus on total development: We work in the areas of traffic and roads, education, health and sanitation, water and drainage, jobs, electricity, anti-corruption, women welfare and environmental concerns. For us, development is more than just roads and tall buildings.

  • Zero political corruption: Every rupee of the funds allocated to the MLA is accounted for. While awarding contracts, strict procedures are followed and no individual or organisation is favoured. The public can see who executed each work in detail.

  • New political culture: JP tours Kukatpally an average of two to three times a week to inspect the various works that are in progress. When he is not in the area, he spends time on national-level issues instead of making 'settlements' or attending weddings or personal events. Our team is always available in the office or a via a phone call or an email submitted on this website.

  • Working as a real MLA, not as a real-estate businessman: The land values in Kukatpally are very high; think what would have happened if any other representative was in the place of JP. In the neighboring constituencies, many constructions that are in-progress are actually owned by the current elected representatives as they misuse their authority and conduct business activities instead of solving people's problems.



2. I see the above links and reports and understand that some work is going on but I expected a lot more from JP.

As soon as JP got elected, he fought for the increase in water allocation for Kukatpally and achieved it. The capacity increased from 8 MGD (million gallons a day) to 14 MGD which is a 75% increase. Sewage Treatment Plants to reduce the drainage and mosquito problems are being taken up and the benefit of these works can be seen only in the long term (or may not even be noticed at all).

This kind of development is not very visible and unfortunately, works like these are being overshadowed by traffic woes. Look at education - since it a problem that is on a smaller scale than traffic - we could achieve 100% of our goals by making sure that all the schools in Kukatpally have adequate teachers, classrooms, and toilets. Though JP is making sincere efforts and kick started the Hi-Tech City flyover, bureaucratic hurdles still exist and will exist for traffic issues. Forget flyovers which are huge undertakings, building a small road itself needs coordination among many government agencies. In some other cases, lack of enough volunteers at the ground level is hindering our follow-up efforts.

You keep hearing JP talk about complete change being possible only if the system changes, right? This is one example of how it translates in real life:

A road was sanctioned from HITEC city to Parvatnagar to Erragadda with an estimated budget of 12 crores. Permissions were taken and funds were allocated. So far, so good. Now someone filed a case in the court saying that the road runs through his land. In a perfect system, we would get the judgement in a short period. But we don't live in a perfect system. The reality is that not only is the judgement being delayed, we do not even have a time estimate for resolution. When (and if!) the judgement comes through, we do not know if the allocated funds would still be available and if the costs would remain the same. All the effort we put in has to be repeated!

If you still feel there is something that the Lok Satta team or JP being an MLA could have done better, please write to us telling about "What would have made you say that Kukatpally is being developed?" or "What difference would you like to see?". Contact us with your suggestions/complaints on this page. You are an important part of this exercise and we need your support in our effort to turn Kukatpally into a model constituency.

We immensely value your feedback and every note sent to us will receive a response.



3. I tried to contact JP but it is difficult to reach him. What do I do?


JP considers his constituency as his primary responsibility and regularly plans, coordinates and reviews the developmental works in Kukatpally. Since he got elected, he toured the constituency around 400 times in less than 3 years. Proof of this can be seen in the frequently updated photo gallery. He has also been donating his entire MLA monthly salary to maintain the Kukatpally party office.

In addition to being an MLA, JP also has the responsibility of being the Lok Satta Party President and plays an important role in several national level issues, for instance, he was part of the NAC. For another example, some of the key points that were considered in the Lokpal Bill to curb corruption have been proposed by him.

In keeping in view his unavoidable and frequent travel, the division in-charge Kommu Sattayya takes care of day-to-day issues. He can be reached on 934-652-0116.

We do understand that it is frustrating for any resident who wants to talk to JP but cannot seem to reach him. But Sattayya and his team are just as sincere and knowledgeable about local issues. In addition, they are available round the clock.  
4. I am a resident of Kukatpally and I have a problem. What should I do?

You can do any or all of the following:

  • For urgent issues, please call Sattayya on 934-652-0116. Usually, this is the quickest route.

  • Contact us directly using the form on this page. You will receive a response without exception. Please give us as much detail as you can including your colony name. And make sure you include your correct email address!

  • Visit our office located opposite Montessori School in Sardar Patel Nagar, Kukatpally. Our office phone number is 040-40150139 and we are open from 9:30AM to 6:30PM all days of the week. Please call before coming on Sundays or on holidays as we may be closed on rare occasions.
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