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Jobs and Training, Electricity, Anti-Corruption and Green Movement











Lok Satta has always advocated that every individual should be encouraged to be enterprising and economically independent. In our endeavour to ensure this, hundreds of job melas and vocational training sessions are being organized for the residents of Kukatpally, specially for women and unemployed youth in a variety of areas and thousands of residents are continually benefiting from these programs.


Jobs Melas and Skills Training for Youth


So far Lok Satta helped more than two thousand people find employment in mechanical, hardware, computer, pharmaceutical and other companies. This is a continuous exercise and anybody can benefit from these trainings. For the latest news of upcoming trainings and job melas, please check the Announcements section on the home page.


Only a few events are listed below as examples. If we post the entire list, you will be scrolling for a long time!


  • Global Hospital Job Mela - Photos
  • Heteromed Job Mela - Photos
  • Setwin Job Mela - Photos
  • Videocon Job Mela - Photos
  • Job Mela for data entry operators - Photos
  • Training in Spoken English and Hindi - Photos
  • Janya Foundation Training - Photos
  • Police and Army Jobs Training - Photos
  • Constable Training - Photos


Training for Women


We provided comprehensive training in diverse areas to cater to every interest group and skill level. Hundreds of women who took advantage of this free service are now able to earn supplemental income to support their families.


  • Tailoring - Photos
  • Fabric painting - Photos
  • Hair styling - Photos
  • Candle making - Photos
  • Chocolate making - Photos
  • Bakery training - Photos
  • Jute bags making - Photos
  • Paper bags - Photos
  • Soya milk - Photos
  • Computer training - Photos
  • ALEAP: ALEAP is an organisation of women entreprenuers striving to support women towards a fiancially stable and viable life - Photos
  • Valedictory function - Photos




  • Lands identified for 4 new Substations at Khaithalapur, JNTU, Metro and Balanagar with 33 KV capacity. Works at the cost of 12 crores for the construction of three of them have started

  • 1.7 crores work completed to reduce low voltage problem with a separate 132 KV line from IDPL to Balaji Nagar

  • One new 220 KV Sub Station (in the process of land identification) sanctioned at the cost of 270 crores

  • Approx 200 11 kv transformers sanctioned at the cost of 5 crores

  • 10000 sodium vapor lamp installed at a cost of 1.7 crores

  • 5 hi-max lights installed


Anti-Corruption - Political


  • Zero political corruption in Kukatpally: Every rupee of MLA funds is wisely and accountably spent. While awarding contracts, strict procedures are followed and no individual or organisation is favored. The public can see who executed each work in detail (see home page)

  • The land values in Kukatpally are very high; we urge people to think about what would have happened if any other representative was in the place of JP. In the neighboring constituencies, many constructions that are in-progress are owned by the current elected representatives as they misuse their authority and violate most of the anti-pollution rules


    Anti-Corruption - Bureaucracy


    • To avoid corruption in payment of salaries for sanitation workers, creation of individual bank accounts for 1704 workers were facilitated and arrangements were made to deposit the salary directly into the bank accounts with ESI & PF benefits; this model is now adapted by GHMC

    • To avoid the corruption in MRO office, we organized a help desk for a few days

    • Post card campaign conducted for 2-G spectrum scam with 11000 students and for 3-tier Lokpal Bill with 12000 students

    • Proposed Citizen Charters implementation is taking place in GHMC, water board and electricity

    • To reach the demand in rythtu bazaar, a multi-storied building is proposed and land identification is proposed for Bharath Nagar markets so that corruption can be avoided

    • Irregularities in providing gas connections have been resolved for several people

    • Irregularities in ration shops operation in terms of timings and stock have been resolved in several areas

    • Irregularities in issue of caste certificate resolved for several students


    Green Kukatpally


    • 15,000 plants distributed to students in Mothinagar, Kukatpally and KPHB

    • Lakes Protection Committee formed and 7.7 lacs sanctioned to keep boundaries

    • Protection for lakes initiative - In spite of lack of funds to fence lakes, we contacted a private agency to do the fencing and allowed them to advertise on the fencing in return; Mullakathva and IDL Lake have been fenced like this. This has become a model for the GHMC area

    • 120 women were trained to prepare jute bags and to avoid using plastic bags

    • Sapling distribution and oath to protect the sapling - Photos

    • Photos of Eco-Ganesh idol making
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