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Submit a Complaint


If you have a problem in Kukatpally, you have the following three options:


  •   Call: For any issue, call Sambi Reddy on 9441051844. Usually, this is the quickest route for resolution. For specific queries, you may contact the below people:


    DepartmentName and Contact   DepartmentName and Contact
    Constituency In-charge  L. V. Rama Raju - 9490040102   Constituency Major Issues,
    JP Tour Planning  
    N. Srinivasan - 9885444437
    Women's Invents,
    Voter Registration  
    D. Lakshmi - 9989696718   Employment, Trainings,
    Health, Civil Supplies  
    Sambi Reddy - 9441051844
    Internal Roads 
    V. Satyanarayana - 9059993275   Govt. Schools & Colleges  N. Seshagiri Rao - 9866541113
    Drinking Water Supply,
    Sai Ramesh - 9848138799   Sanitation, DWCUA  P. Bhavani - 9441228820
    Women's Training D. Jeevana Latha - 9032369718   KPHB Division(117) President,
    Electricity Issues, Street Lights 
    Badineni Prasad - 9652567678
    Moosapet Division(118) In-charge Om Shankar - 9550344143   Mothi Nagar Division(119) President Vamshi Prasad - 9849433121
    Mothi Nagar Division(119) In-charge By Reddy - 9948842104
    Kondala Reddy - 9440122387
      Fathe Nagar Division(120) In-charge Narshima - 9949910767
    Venkatesh - 9866248477
    Old Bowenpally Division(121) President Satyanarayana - 9963999228   Old Bowenpally Division(121) In-charge Upender Reddy - 9440657429
    Kukatpally Division(122) President, Lakes,
    Govt. Places, Revenue Issues 
    Kommu Sattaiah - 9346520116   Hydernagar Division In-charge Velaga Srinivas- 9642912323

  •   Write: Contact us directly using the form on this page. You will receive a response, usually within one day. Please give us as much detail as you can including your colony name and make sure you include your correct email address.

  •   Visit: Our office is located at the following address. We are open from 9:30AM to 6:30PM all days of the week.


    Lok Satta Kukatpally Office,
    Opposite Montessori School,
    Sardar Patel Nagar,
    Near Nizampet Crossroads,


    Phone Number: 040-40150139


    Please call before coming on Sundays or on holidays as we may be closed on rare occasions.




Call for Volunteers


Democracy works best only if there is adequate citizen participation. There are a lot more things we want to do in Kukatpally but lack of volunteers is proving to be a big handicap.


If you live in the area and can spare some time, please let us know. Any help that you can provide is welcome.


Be a part of corruption-free development. Your own living area will be better for it.


Contact us today!

 Actual complaints submitted online in the first week of April, 2012 and our responses


Note: Names and addresses have been removed to protect privacy


1. From K: I am staying at 9th phase. Its good that we had a big park at 9th phase and really helping for kids and elders to relax over there and enjoy the nature. But I really feel the necessity to have physical play activities for kids like slider, climber, swing etc. We have open area to the left side of the park and we can have all these there. Currently we are travelling to Vasanthnagar park "Tennis court and park" to have these physical activities for kids. So please do consider this and do the needful.


Our response: We requested a letter from the complainer with signatures collected from the residents. The complainer followed through and we are now in the process of creating a play activities area.


2. From B: I am a resident of (name removed) apartments and we are suffering from huge drainage problem near our apartment. Actually its not a drainage dumping point, why those people are dumping the drainage near my apartment? Due to this problem, many flat members are affecting with viral fever. Please solve this problem and remove the dumping point from my apartment.


Our response: Our team visited the area and immediately had the dumps removed. We are also taking steps to prevent a recurrence of this issue.


3. From several people: We are staying at JNTU and working in Hi-tech city. Everyday it is taking around 1hr from JNTU to Hi-tech city. Construction of flyover has been in a pending state from the past one and half year. We don't have a platform to raise our voice. Please escalate this issue to the authorities and help the public in large.


Our response (actual text): "We can empathise as this situation is really very frustrating. We would like to assure you that there is no inaction on our part we are trying to follow up on this aggressively and regularly. The likely date seems to be Oct 2012. Meanwhile we have widened the road in the way to ease congestion in that area.
We spoke with the Chief Engineer on 28th March and he said that work for laying the pillars (18 on each side of the track) is going on briskly since a month. The target is to complete everything by August/September (in the Engineer's own words). A final approval is pending over the design over the track."


4. From V: I am (name removed) Living in Pragati Nagar, Kukatpally. The road connecting JNTU to Pragati Nagar is horrible with a lot of diggings and damaged road. Especially JNTU Cross roads to till we get to the lake, the road after that is good. Autos are reluctant to enter this road,and pragati nagar has become famous because of this road. Please let us know if there are any plans to fix this issue. FYI , this has been like that from past 3 years.


Our response (actual text): "Please note that the area you are talking about does not come under Kukatpally Constituency and you would have to call your local representative...you may also call the Executive Engineer Mr. Ramesh Gupta on 9959442440 to report this issue."


5. From V: In tackling traffic (most frustrating part) of Kukatpally. Can't we look at other option instead of expanding roads/flyover etc..,Most of the janta staying in Kukatpally (also ameerpet traversing folks) work in IT companies. Can we increase the number of buses floating btw Kukatpally and Hi-tech city areas. May be around 10-15 buses only in peak hours (morning and evening) can solve this menace of traffic in this area.


Our response (actual text): "We already gave this suggestion to the RTC department and the RTC department requested formal request from a group of people. The best way to proceed is to give a letter and signatures from software engineers to get this started. Please call Sambi once on 944-105-1844 and he will explain the steps. I hope you can gather some colleagues from your company to do this."






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