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Last updated in July 2013


Due to the high density of population, demography, location and to some extent poor planning over the years, traffic is a challenging issue faced by residents of Kukatpally (and it is no wonder that this problem masks most of the other issues). As MLA of this constituency since 2009, JP has come up with a holistic approach to provide relief to the residents by accelerating long pending projects, proposing and working promptly on new roads, and connection flyovers where found essential to ease traffic, repairing and recarpeting critical traffic bearing roads, and removing deadlocks in administrative issues to help things go smoothly.


Apart from focusing on the big flyovers, bridges, road subways, a thorough emphasis on many link roads to ease traffic on main roads has been done.


Though this is not entirely in our control, we actively worked with RTC staff and focused on improving RTC bus travel by relocating some bus stops where logistics have permitted. Some of the major achievements till date are listed below. But inspite of all this, JP has always emphasized that new roads are not the only solution for the traffic problem especially in a constituency like Kukatpally which is full of dynamism. While roads are necessary, long term solutions are only possible when cost effective and quality public transport with good connectivity is available to all.


Video testimonials of work on internal connecting roads are given on this page.


To get a glimpse of what we faced to complete the HITEC City flyover, please listen to JP in the short, one minute clip on the left. It is indicative of the difficulties we face on a daily basis. This is no exaggeration - JP actually made more than 40 phone calls specifically to get one approval file moving!


Highlights of Completed and Ongoing Works


    • HITEC City Flyover finally opened.


      We can proudly mention that the successful opening of HITEC city flyover was achieved inspite of numerous deadlocks and challenges through JP’s persistence and his adept and insightful handling of the situation. Instead of simply undertaking fasts/ bandhs this is the story in more details. Click here to read a summary of the issue of HITEC City flyover. JP describing the lapses and increase in cost (a citizen speaking about JP’s effort in this at 3 minutes in the video). Prior to completion 70 lakhs worth work was completed in widening roads leading to HITEC City Station to ease the traffic.

    • RUB between RK Society (Mothi Nagar) to Rajiv Gandhi Nagar (Moosapet), - 1.7 crore was sanctioned earlier and now the work is complete

    • Road No. 10 connecting Fatehnager and Begumpet which was long pending was completed after we took over

    • Road No. 10 connecting Fatehnager and Begumpet which was long pending was completed after we took over

    • Indira Gandhi Puram to Begumpet road in 2 months, a delay was caused due to houses in the way, this had to be sorted to get ahead with this.

    • 60 ft Road from Nizampet Rd (Kolan Raghavarddy function hall) to Usha Mullapudi Rd – This has been sanctioned and work is temporary on hold because of a private land in between, tenders have been completed to move HT lines (120 KV) and build divider, to work on this 6.4 crores has been paid to APTRANSCO by GHMC and we are waiting for this to be completed by them. Estimated to take another 8 months.

    • Moosapet to Malaysian Township – 80 ft wide – Approximately 70% completed. IDL to Khaitalapur - 60 ft wide – Approx 2 kms - 13 crores. This work is going well and as of July 2013, this is about 90% complete

    • Because of our efforts, a bus stop that was blocking traffic in the 4th phase has been moved to under a flyover near Hi-Tech Railway Station. Not only did it help traffic flow, but now passengers disembarking from trains can now use direct buses without relying on auto-rickshaws

    • Moosapet to Malaysian Township – 80 ft wide – Approx 5 Kms

    • Alternate roads under HT lines to reduce traffic in main roads: Hitech city to shirla park completed (a part is completed), Hitech city Railway station to Praja Polis, Borbanda TO hitech city 1.2 km in progress

    • HITEC city to Parvatnagar to Erragadda - 12 crores. Update as of March 2011 - though the funds are sanctioned, unfortunately this project has a court case; someone claims the road is going through their land. Estimated time of resolution is unknown

    • Khaithalpur to Madhapur (Amaravati Hotel)- 25 crores

    • Alternate roads under HT lines to reduce traffic in main roads

    • A flyover from Balanagar Junction to HAL has been sanctioned with a budget of 90 crores, however the land acquisition costs itself amounted to 116 crores and the total cost escalated to 270 crores.

  • Direction Boards placed in KPHB division


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